1st Webinar - Digitalisation, best practices and best use of the road: a preview of ITS Handbook for Road Operators - Tuesday 3rd November 2020 - Streaming Available

Recognizing that climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the World, European institutions decided to make Europe climate-neutral by the year 2050. On the other hand, Europe has recently reaffirmed one of its ambitious long-term goals: to improve road safety even more. A new goal sees European roads to move close to zero fatalities by 2050. Moreover EU transport ministers, for the first time, set a target for reducing serious injuries, namely to halve their number by 2030. 

On the one hand, the European road network is demanded to secure our society both by contributing to the efficiency of supply chains, and by offering chances to the individual freedom of travel, making self-evident the need for more efficient and resilient European transport systems. On the other hand, climate goals and traffic safety are becoming more and more a need of the European society. An efficient use of the existing road infrastructure through the use of new and innovative technologies is indispensable.

Duration:  90 min

Course Description

Digitalisation of the road transport and new services provided by road operators and other actors can make a significant contribution to improving transport efficiency, improving safety, and reducing negative impacts on the environment. For supporting the implementation of the Delegated Regulations in the frame of the ITS Directive (2010/40/EU), the European ITS Platform consolidates the Reference Handbook for harmonized ITS Core Service Deployment in Europe. 

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