7th Webinar - Best and Innovative Practices in Europe for Road Mobility - Live event: Tuesday 30th November 2021, 10:00 – 12:30 CET

Inside the European ITS Platform, the Activity 2 (A2) "Monitoring and Dissemination" is the prime place to foster harmonised ITS deployment on a European scale, across ITS Corridors and special domains. A2 works in close cooperation with all Activities in EU EIP to provide a place to discuss mutual impact and orchestration of their specific results and their impact on ITS Deployment in the future. The activity also liaises with external stakeholders in order to disseminate EU EIP results, discuss framework conditions, elicit requirements and follow ITS deployment in other projects (Urban, C-ITS...) and connects itself and EU EIP as a whole with relevant activities in the vast and still growing landscape of ITS.

Duration:  150 min

Course Description

A2 is also the platform for ITS deployment corridors to share results of horizontal activities and best practice. In order to fulfil this task and facilitate the exchange of experiences among the ITS Corridors, the Corridor and (sub-) activity leaders meet regularly as a Cross Corridor Cooperation (CCC) Group, where they exchange experiences, issues and solutions between the corridors, focusing on the operational level between the corridors. Information on good practices and results of ITS deployments on the ITS Corridors is fed into the relevant task of A2, providing useful input to the drafting of the Reference Handbook.

In this concluding webinar of the EU EIP Web ITS Forum, selected Deployment References collected will be presented by experts of the CEF ITS Corridors and the European ITS Platform, showcasing a small sample of the full set of Deployment References collected in four years. Totalling ca. 100 Deployment References, the full set is provided as a separate annex of the Reference Handbook for Harmonised ITS Core Service Deployment in Europe, available to download at the website of the European ITS Platform: www.its-platform.eu/reference-handbook