To increase the efficiency of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors, it is mandatory to encourage the development of an integrated trans-European network and a better use of the existing infrastructures by employing intelligent transport systems as well as uniform technical standards. Interoperability must be discussed, designed, tested and finally deployed on the basis of the evolution of technology, standards, specifications and open interfaces.

Ensuring continuity of high quality services for European end-users requires the creation of a proper environment for the harmonization of existing and future ITS Services.

The “EU ITS Platform” brings together the majority of the European key players, cooperating to establish an open “forum”, aiming at providing valid contribution for the future strategy and policy recommendation for better development of ITS service along European road Corridors.

By monitoring, processing, evaluating and disseminating results delivered by the 5 ITS Road Corridor projects: Arc Atlantique, Crocodile, NEXT-ITS, MedTIS, and URSA MAJOR  (the Works projects that are co-founded by EC within the CEF MAP ITS Call 2014), the EU ITS Platform can be considered as the technical European ITS “Knowledge Management Centre”, contributing significantly to the most effective use of ITS standards and specifications.

The EU ITS Platform includes also the evaluation of the results provided by the 5 ITS Corridor Work projects in order to consolidate a harmonized and substantiated impact evaluation of the socio-economic benefits of ITS services.

The “EU ITS Platform” (EU EIP) is the follow up of projects already supported by the European Commission TEN-T programme named: "European ITS Platform" (2013-2015) and  "European ITS Platform+" (2014-2015).